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For now, two new Archetype additions

Judas.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Judas.

SOlace.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Solace.


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Artifacts It has been said quite often that "It is not a picture until its a print". And while that may be true and while I tend to mostly agree, is a picture itself art?

I've thought about that, and I've come to believe that a photograph/print is more an artifact.

The art of photography is telling very detailed stories in a non-linear fashion without ever using words. The print that you hold in your hand or the image that glows from your computer screen is a means to convey that story. But the art is more than just the commodity.

When a musician scratches hard words onto soft paper and makes blobs of ink represent a minor seventh chord, is that the art? Or is the art when those ideas are conveyed to someone by means of vinyl or performance?

When a dancer choreographs a routine, is that the art? Or is it when they leap and bound weightless across a stage and into another's soul?

So while I believe a photographer can be an artist, where does the art live? Is it a physical image, or is it something more?

Performers in these images were trained by and the Video Installation was created by Marielle Hare for The Ephemerals. Images were taken at a joint art installation presented by Lori Vrba, Tama Hochbaum, and Marielle Hare.

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography


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What kind of cell phone is that? So, if you are going to piss me off, all you need to do is take a look at my work and say, "Wow. You must have a really good camera".

Yep. That's what it is. Here....put it on manual and let's see what you can do.

Aside from conveying an idea and doing composition and a variety of thing, I tend to use post production (judiciously) to materialize what I see in my head.

So when I went to the Grace Potter show at the Fillmore on Friday and I was taking some pictures from the front row with my cell phone, I figured I was free from that annoying phrase. Except that the fan-girl standing next to me looked over at what I had shot and said, "Wow. Great shots. What kind of phone is that?"

Can't win. Here are a few of those shots.

(c)2015 Gene Lazo

(c)2015 Gene Lazo

(c)2015 Gene Lazo

(c)2015 Gene Lazo

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Archetypes I've been quite remiss in my blogging the past few months. But summer is over and I'm ready to make a renewed vow of dedication to this blog. Which I no doubt will break and remake moving forward. But I will do my best. And so it goes. *

But I do have a new project I'd like to share.

Carl Jung spoke of the collective unconscious, those innate but nebulous experiences which are the soul of humanity at large. The collective unconscious contains what Jung called "primordial images" or "archetypes". These archetypes, in and of themselves, are not tangible. They only take form and enter consciousness in concert with an individual’s life experience. But, according to Jung, these archetypes form a common foundation for all humanity upon which each individual builds their own self, shaped by culture and experience. Thus, while archetypes themselves may be conceived as a relatively few innate nebulous forms, they give rise to many images and words and symbols which have meaning that spans beyond an individual human lifetime.

This may explain why certain words and images have such a powerfully profound impact on people. We may not understand why, or for that matter even what, they so deeply elicit.  We just know that these archetypes do.

And so it goes.

Archetype.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Archetype.

Religion.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Religion.

Heritage.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Heritage.

Stiletto.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Stiletto.

Messiah.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Messiah.

Youth.(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Youth.


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Summer Fades Away I am a summer person. No matter how hot and humid the summer might be (and this one was very hot and humid), I just can't wish it away. Instead I'm always wishing for one last trip to the beach. one last cool breeze on a sun parched face, one last baseball game, one last cold beer on a thirsty throat.

My dream for an endless summer has begun to fade away. Again.

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography


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Untethered Horses - Critical Mass 2015 I am in the process of putting together an entry for Photo Lucinda's Critical Mass competition. I'd appreciate any and all feedback (particularly critical) to the Artist statement and images that appear below.

All the images are 12x12 and I have them priced at $100.

Much Thanks.


Artist Statement

Aside from being boring, perfection is patently dishonest. The fallacy of perfection distracts us from recognizing and appreciating the tranquility which comes from balance. Honesty, despite its smudges and blemishes, is actually far more attractive than perfection because of its nuanced richness.

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s art stemmed from capturing the decisive moment, that moment when cosmetic pretense cannot mask reality. Robert Frank took deceptively simple images that veered from what were the then acceptable norms of reality.

That reality was most comfortably self-nurtured in distinct black and white tones which Frank materialized in grey, smudged gradations. He captured the true Americans hiding in plain sight at their decisive and most revealing moment.

This series attempt honors those traditions. As individuals, we are all imperfect. At one point or another, we have all been broken. Wild horses which remain free yet bound to their herd.

These images are of these untethered horses, imperfect individuals made stronger through community.

Steve(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

Gretta(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

Carlos(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

George(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

Marty(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

Shaggy(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

Marshal and Maurice(c) 2015 Gene Lazo
Bart(c) 2015 Gene Lazo


Laverne(c) 2015 Gene Lazo Eddie(c) 2015 Gene Lazo


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More Hot Rocks I figured I'd be a nice guy and share some more Hot Rocks with you. Three different guitars and 2 new models makes for a fun Friday post

This session's models are Hannah Perez and Violet Kat. Please visit Hannah's website to see some more of her fabulous work or follow her on Twitter @TheHannahPerez. Violet is on Model Mayhem.

Some of these shots will be in a self published book that I plan to have out in the fall. It will be called "The Fine Art of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll". It will be a high quality coffee table style photobook that will contain a collection of pinup style photos (like these), some guitar (and other instrument) portrait shots, and some live performance shots.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please send me an email to I can still use some pinup models (ranging from PG-13 suggestive to hard R full frontal depending on your comfort level) and instruments, guitars and otherwise.

#TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerezFor the record, I love this shot. (c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #TheHannahPerez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

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Beach A quick post this week.

Got the film images back from my beach vacation. I've only had a chance to scan the medium format images so far. These 2 stood out the most.


(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

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Hot Rocks OK, so I've been bad about posting the past couple of weeks. But I can explain.

I was on vacation at the beach for one of those weeks and I've been busy piecing together a very important (for me) solo show that I have coming up in the fall.

On top of that, I out of the blue decided I want to do another self published book. I have a metric tonne's worth of music related photos that I really want people to see, But I also want to expand on my previous guitar book Blister's On Me Fingers. So what Ive come up with is a book tentatively titled The Fine Art of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

As you might guess from the title it is a book of fine art photography about rock. What, you may ask, makes it fine art? Hot Nude Girls! Girls! Girls! of course. Or is that the sex part?

Regardless, here are some samples.....(due this fall).

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography


So, am I forgiven for being a little tardy? (I don't feel tardy).


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Distilled Life There is something to be said for shooting portraits, but there is also something to be said for shooting still lifes.

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

That being said, there is something to be said about shooting a still life portrait

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Or a portrait as a still life

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Or, um .....

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2014 Gene Lazo Photography

Whatever crazy shit floats around in my head.....

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

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Street Show I have one image showing this month during the June Salon Show at Elder Gallery as part of Carolina's Got Art.  It is one of my favorite Street Photography images, shot at a Waffle House.

(c) 2014 Gene LazoWaffles

Even though I've had a passion for street photography before this image, this was actually one of the first images where I felt like I was capturing a cool story. I also started to hone in on a stylistic feel. As I've shot over the years

(c) 2014 Gene LazoFast Food

I've become more and more comfortable with the genre.

(c) 2015 Gene LazoIncognito Comfortable enough to the point I'd love to do a whole show at some point. Not that I'm hinting or anything.

(c) 2015 Gene LazoSitting and Thinking

Let me know what you think....

(c) 2015 Gene LazoQuick Getaway

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Slow Exposures Prototype I am simultaneously pleased, honored, and humbled to have been chosen to present a satellite pop-up show as part of the13th Annual Slow Exposures photofest in Zebulon, GA this September. Details as to the exact location for my show and such will be provided as I get them, but I'd like to at least start off by teasing you with a prototype of the art I intend to present.

The overall Slow Exposures show is about photography in the rural South. My theme centers around the renewal of the past. We have become very much a throw a away society obsessed with a perverse sense of perfection.

I take a more Eastern view that all things have their beauty but not everyone sees it. I've taken still life studies of forgotten and discarded objects found in junk yards, yard sales, thrift stores, and sometimes in the trash. I've taken these objects and put them in a new light to show that all things have worth and perfection is over rated. Because one man's trash is another man's treasure.

To further this idea, rather than traditional framing, I've taken 100+ year old barn wood from one of the oldest barns in Forsyth County NC (thanks for the rescue work Dave) and flush mounted the prints on this wood.

Turn of the Century Barn in Forsyth County NCTurn of the Century Barn in Forsyth County NC Turn of the Century Barn in Forsyth County NCTurn of the Century Barn in Forsyth County NC


Here is the working prototype of how these images will be presented. I'll add updates and more detail information as we get closer to the fall.

Slow Exposures 2015Lines On Her Face(c) 2015 Gene Lazo

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THe Fine Art of Baseball (Part 2) I'm one of those pain in the ass people who don't like being told you can't do something that way because it won't work. Particularly when the reason given for it not working is "because it breaks the rules" or "because nobody does it that way". Feh.

So it really should not be a surprise that I would ask the question, why can't you do macro inspired photography using a 600mm lens?On moving objects? That you have no control over?

#CLTKNIGHTSPitch(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

And the answer is, it turns out you can. It ain't easy. But I think the results were worth the effort.

#CLTKNIGHTSCurve Ball(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

So, in a continuing series of non-sports page sports pictures, here is installment 2 of The Fine Art of Baseball

#CLTKNIGHTSCalled Strike(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#CLTKNIGHTSStrike two(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#CLTKNIGHTSBase hit(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#CLTKNIGHTSFirst base dance(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#CLTKNIGHTSShould have swung(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#CLTKNIGHTSBall in Hand(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #CLTKNIGHTSBall in Hnd II(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography
































#CLTKNIGHTSConference Call(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#CLTKNIGHTSOut of Reach(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #CLTKNIGHTSNew Ball(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

















#CLTKNIGHTSI Don't Know(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

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Zappa Plays Zappa In this time of Clear Channel oppression, this time of We-Know-What-You-Like-Because-We-Told-You-What-You-Like music, it is somewhat startling (but not all that surprising) to discover that you need to go back 40 years or so to hear music that is interesting and innovative.  What is even more rare is that this music is being kept alive by a second generation.

#ZPZDweezil Zappa Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte NC 05/08/2015 #ZPZ(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Dweezil Zappa has been touring playing his father's music for the past 10 years or so. From Dweezil's website, "He wanted to expose core fans as well as a potential new generation of fans to his father's compositions in a way that would give them a balanced perspective of the totality of Frank Zappa's work. He wanted to play the music as it was written on the page without deviation except for the obvious improv sections."

#ZPZZappa Plays Zappa(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Now understand that this is not about playing pop tunes or even run of the mill rock. These are songs containing time and key signature changes that run from improbable to impossible.  Subject matter that includes musical and lyrical tales of instrumental matricide, sinister footwear, and the joys of farming dental floss in Montana (Yippy-Ty-O-Ty-Ay).

#ZPZDweezil Zappa(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

To accomplish this, Dweezil not only essentially relearned the guitar but then recruited a band that was equally up to the task.

#ZPZDweezil Zappa(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography #ZPZKurt Morgan (bass)(c)2014 Gene Lazo Photography

















#ZPZRyan Brown(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#ZPZScheila Gonzalez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

















#ZPZBen Thomas(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography
















The result is an honest, immersive, and refreshing experience.

#ZPZDweezil Zappa(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#ZPZScheila Gonzalez(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#ZPZBen Thomas(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#ZPZDweezil Zappa(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

#ZPZRyan Brown(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Dweezil Zappa(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

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The Fine Art of Baseball (Part 1) Hopfully you all will like this post, because it is going to be an oft repeating theme this summer. With thanks to the Charlotte Knights organization, I have access to take pictures at select Knights games. And rather than simply take Sports Page style shots (though I will take some of them as well), my main plan is a series I'm calling The Fine Art of Baseball.

Safe at home(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

There are those who view baseball as a tired, old game with slow moving action. While this maybe a reaction to today's nothing is fast enough world, baseball to me is both athletic and intellectual requiring strategy and skill. It pretty uniformly rewards both power and strength as well as speed and grace.

Perfect geometry(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

What you will see in this series are the little moments of baseball before, during, and after the game that many people miss. It is an attempt to get at what makes baseball such a special game. And what made it America's Past Time.

Ground Rules in the Rain(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

The photo series tries to go beyond the money and the Sports Radio clatter and hype to show the egalitarian promise of the game, the chance for the underdog to prevail, the hard work and the beauty. Those things which America once valued in and of themselves.

Practice(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography And more practice(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography


















Let the images write the story rather than a sports columnist or ESPN analyst or (God forbid) an Atlanta Braves play by play announcer and see if you begin to see what I see.

Batting Order(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Housekeeping(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography Superman(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography
Speak Softly(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Pitch Count(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

Victory(c)2015 Gene Lazo Photography

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Smoke and Mirrors

I saw my father smoking a cigarette on Tryon Street a little while ago, which was kind of odd considering that he quit smoking about 35 years before he quit breathing. But there he was, taking a long drag, making the end glow red, then he blew the smoke up into the sky. I watched it waft up in the springtime air. Watched it disappear into the clouds. And when I looked back down, he was gone.

I had not thought about my dad in quite a while. It's funny how things vanish for no reason at all.

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Dirt In The Ground There is a small airport just a few miles off of Highway 74 in North Carolina that has an airplane bone yard.

A bone yard is a place where old aircraft are taken when their useful life is over. They sit there until someone needs a used part and it is stripped off, returning like organic decay into the soil. So in a way, these inanimate birds face the same fate as their biological cousins. They deteriorate away until there is nothing left, when they just go to a scrap heap to be forgotten.

Whenever I visit this place, I am reminded of Tom Wait's 1992 record Bone Machine, a rather dark and hard edged piece of work. In particular the song Dirt in the Ground run through my head as I walk among the planes and imagine both the places they've been and where they'll ultimately end up.

What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
We're all gonna be in the same place
When we die
Your spirit don't leave knowing
Your face or your name
And the wind through your bones
Is all that remains
And we're all gonna be
We're all gonna be
Just dirt in the ground

The quill from a buzzard
The blood writes the word
I want to know am I the sky
Or a bird
'Cause hell is boiling over
And heaven is full
We're chained to the world
And we all gotta pull
And we're all gonna be
Just dirt in the ground

Now the killer was smiling
With nerves made of stone
He climbed the stairs
And the gallows groaned
And the people's hearts were pounding
They were throbbing, they were red
As he swung out over the crowd
I heard the hangman said
We're all gonna be
Just dirt in the ground

Now Cain slew Abel
He killed him with a stone
The sky cracked open
And the thunder groaned
Along a river of flesh
Can these dry bones live?
Ask a king or a beggar
And the answer they'll give
Is we're all gonna be
Yea yeah
We're all gonna be just
Dirt in the ground

(c) Tom Waits


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The Boys of Summer             Baseball in its essence is the perfect game. While some may lament its slow pace, these are people who do not understand the strategies and subtleties of life. While some may claim that Abner Doubleday invented the game and is subject to the rules of evolution, I contend that because of its precision it could not have been devised by a mere mortal and thus had to have been a gift of divine providence and so, unlike other games, is fixed in place.

            How else can you explain the perfect symmetry of the basic field? That even after all these years, 60 feet 6 inches is the ideal distance to strike a balance between a pitcher over powering a batter and a hitter having just enough reaction time to hit a round ball with a round bat squarely? That a diamond shaped infield with four points spread 90 feet from one another provides the perfect challenge for both base runner and fielder, producing a hit or an out by a single step or less so often? That the ratio of 4 ball and 3 strikes coupled with a fastball and breaking ball provides an almost infinite set of hitting and pitching strategies? That the basic rules are simple enough for a child, but whose subtleties require years of study?

            As you might have guessed, when I go to a baseball game I see it differently than most people. I went to the Charlotte Knights / ChiSox exhibition game and took some fairly standard pictures. But the way I really saw the game is captured below.

#KnightsBaseball#KnightsBaseballClt Knights vs Chi White Sox Exhibition game #KnightsBaseball#KnightsBaseballClt Knights vs Chi White Sox Exhibition game #KnightsBaseball#KnightsBaseballClt Knights vs Chi White Sox Exhibition game #KnightsBaseball#KnightsBaseballClt Knights vs Chi White Sox Exhibition game #KnightsBaseball#KnightsBaseballClt Knights vs Chi White Sox Exhibition game


]]> (Gene Lazo Photography) Charlotte Knights ChiSox baseball chicago chicago white sox white sox Sat, 04 Apr 2015 20:46:04 GMT
Aerials “Why is it,” Jonathan puzzled, “that the hardest thing in the world is to convince a bird that he is free, and that he can prove it for himself if he’d just spend a little time practicing? Why should that be so hard?”


This is the beginnings of a photographic body of work of aerials.

Aerials are essentially acrobatic dance performances hanging in the air on lengths of silk or other equipment. Performers climb the fabric suspended, which is generally suspended from a high ceiling, without the use of safety lines, and rely solely on their training, strength, and skill. The artists use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.

For the most part, these images are shot as happened during live performances. They are post processed to optimize B&W contrast but otherwise they document the incredible levels that humans can take themselves to without embellishment.


(c)2014 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2014 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2014 Gene Lazo Photography (c)2014 Gene Lazo Photography #AerialCLT #AerialCLT


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A Brief History of Beer ...and on the seventh day, God rested, and He looked back on all that He had done, and He thought to Himself, "Man, I'm thirsty". And He looked to the waters, but they  just weren't going to cut it, so He added the grains and the hops, and He added the yeast and the barley malt, and just for kicks He added the fermentation. And when He was done, it was Beer. And then God ordered a pizza, created the remote, and indeed it was good.

Shortly after this, Adam and Eve were frolicking in the Garden of Eden. It was just another beautiful day when Adam became thirsty and he said to Eve, "Yo, baby, would you get me a beer when you get the chance". Well, apparently this was the wrong thing to say because Eve took on anger. "That lazy Adam! All he does all day is nap and frolic, nap and frolic. Then he drops those fig leafs all over the place and expects ME to pick them up. Now I'm supposed to bring him a beer..."

Just then the devil appeared as a snake. "If that Adam thinks he's so smart, why not bring him an apple from the Tree of Knowledge instead of a beer".

Eve thought for a moment, then said, "Yeah...I'll show him." So she brought Adam the apple and he wasn't happy in the least because a double header between the Angles and Devil Rays was about to start and he really wanted the beer. "Just try the apple Adam," Eve insisted. "You could use the fiber."

Adam wasn't too sure about all of this, but he also knew it was pointless to argue with Eve when she got like this. And he was kind of hungry, so he sighed and took the apple.

By this time, God had had just about enough of Adam and Eve's constant bickering. "Medamnit," God said. "Here I share my beer with these two ingrates and then they go and steal fruit from my private orchard. OK, everybody, out of the pool". So God called the bouncer and threw Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.

 When they picked themselves up out of the gutter, Adam was the first to realize what had happened. "But Lord, what about my beer? I just asked her for a beer and I end up off the guest list. Please God!".

 And being a just and merciful God, and knowing full well what Eve was like when she got like this, God decided to allow Adam to have his beer. But He was still kind of miffed about the apple thing, so God decided he had to punish his misbehaved children in some way. He punished Adam by inventing the bra, which meant that the only way Adam could look at naked hooters and drink beer was to pay extra for the right.  And He punished Eve by creating light beer and damned her to an eternity of craving only diet beer.  Which just goes to show that its not a good idea to get God pissed off at you.

(c)2013 Gene Lazo Photography

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